First-Class Solutions from a Digital Print Company in Southwark, London

Create graphics that bring stunning results thanks to the latest advances in printing technology. At Hexio (Colour) Ltd, in Southwark, London, we are renowned as a reputable digital print company. Our experts provide spectacular solutions, from CAD (Computer Aided Design) to latex printing using state-of-the-art equipment.

Quality Film Positives and Latex Printing

Distinct from any other printing company, we offer unique film positives. Producing the largest film positives in the country, we are fully equipped with top-of-the-range digital printing equipment. Having recently invested in superior equipment for latex printing and vinyl cutting, we bring sleek, smart solutions to you.

An Expert Digital Print Company

Owing to our superior reputation, we work alongside creatives to produce outstanding work. Prestigious customers and screen print companies rely on us for film positives, as we are well-known for the fantastic quality of our visuals. Of course, you always receive a premier service, as we liaise with you directly. We frequently work with:

Digital Artists | Shop Owners | Design Agencies  | TV Studios | Schools

Offering Industry-Leading Expertise

As a well-known, dependable company, we deliver services that are second to none. Backed by more than 40 years of experience – and specifically 20 years in digital printing – we bring unparalleled expertise to you. In the unlikely event you have a request we cannot accommodate, we put you in touch with a company who will carry out the work for you. Get in touch with our friendly staff for expert guidance and advice.

Tailored Digital Printing Consultations

For added convenience, we travel to your location to discuss your printing needs. You are also welcome to visit our shop to learn more about the services we offer. In addition to discussing your printing ideas and inspirations, we establish a suitable price and come up with a proposal. We request a 50% deposit prior to carrying out the work, and also offer to set up a 30-day account for existing customers.

First-Class Solutions from a Top Company

Continually evolving as a company, we offer cutting-edge innovations in technology. Of course, our facilities are only enhanced by our expertise, which is reflected in the repeat custom we receive from loyal clients. As we are a small company, we give you our undivided attention at all times. Look no further than Hexio (Colour) Ltd for accuracy, excellence, and quality.

Contact us, in Southwark, London, to discover more about the latex printing services offered by our established digital print company.